Dear Friends, It is my pleasure to welcome you to peruse or simply have a glance at the website of Hillrange School. This all boys’ day school, with a unique philosophy and educational thrust, comprises of a primary and a secondary school. Going through this site, which is not in any way intended to be exhaustive, will give you a glimpse of the reasons that motivated its founding fathers to set it up. You will also appreciate what inadequacies in the landscape of education in Nigerian the school hopes to supply and how.
A quick summary of the ideas that drive the school is the need to educate boys to be of good character by inculcating in them, Christian and human virtues in an environment of love, respect, understanding, freedom and responsibility. The school recognizes the primordial and irreplaceable role of parents and works closely with them in educating the child. At Hillrange education is seen to (and indeed does) encompass the entire gamut of a child’s upbringing and formation. We believe that talent and academic prowess are very important. But we also hold strongly that good character is of the greatest value for the child, his family and the larger society. All the activities of the school are carried out in accordance with Christian principles and ideals.
This website will also keep visitors informed about the life of the school – it activities, development, as well as needs. I invite you to contact the school for more information and possibly, to visit its premises.
Thank you.


Sebastian Eluehike



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