Hillrange is a family school, where the educational rights of the parents effectively come first. The school seeks to assist them to be more effective educators of their children and to provide for their overall development. The teachers and staff are vital partners with parents in each child's education. The basis of this partnership is a loyal and mutual understanding of each other’s complementary roles.
The Advisory System ensures that each child is helped to be the best person they can be. It facilitates the partnership between parents and school which is the only way to ensure children receive an integral and effective education. This Advisory System personalises our unique Character Development Programme, helping each child apply what he learns directly to his own live. The meeting of advisors with parents is a special forum for the teacher to offer advice in respect of the student’s education. The school also offers training programmes to support parents in their task of education: family orientation courses, family seminars and conferences. Appropriate reading materials are also available to all parents. There is a constant flow of communication between the family and the school.


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