Hillrange School is an institution which fosters an integral education of its students and so attends to their intellectual, human, cultural, social, moral, etc., formation. This modality of education ensures that the student grows in freedom and responsibility. He is thus prepared to take his place in society, making his contribution through his upright life and competent professional activities.
The close and constant participation of their parents in their formation and education especially leaves a profound debt of gratitude in the students. They learn to appreciate the great value of self giving in marriage and parenting and are ardently desirous of passing on this value for their enrichment and that of society.
While in school, the students are taught the great value of working well and the importance of making good use of time. They also appreciate the need to develop their own personality by striving to acquire virtues. Practical details of order, punctuality, good manners, tidiness, care for material things, are constantly taught by example and guided practice. These no doubt redound to the all round education of the Hillrange student.


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