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+2349038346546 Centenary City, Enugu


Visit of an August Personality.

Mr. Nnabuchi Vincent Egbe is the Managing Director of GB Foods Nigeria; a member of the GB Food global conglomerate. A geologist by training and business leader by calling and experience; he has over 17 years of experience building market-leading brands, companies, and award-winning teams across countries in Africa. To inspire staff and the boys, he shared the following;

1. Boys are special.

2. Our impact should be measured by:

a. What you want to do.

b. Who you want to become.

c. Who (Category of society) you love the most.

d. What problems you want to solve.

3. There are different dimensions of power, those who embrace them will not only achieve personal success but become nation builders. Using his personal success stories, He encouraged boys to always look for solutions they can bring to the table. The business leader emphasized the importance of having to depend on God for direction. The interactive session ended with lots of questions asked by students which the visitor graciously answered. He had lunch with the school community and took a tour of the school compound and ongoing projects before departing. We appreciate Mr. Egbe’s visit and contribution to National Development and hope to have him again not just as a visitor, but a partner in reaching the heights!

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