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Hillrange 4th foundation day

Dr Lorenzo David, the principal of Whitesands School, Lagos, was the guest speaker at the Hillrange School foundation day ceremony on May 11. He urged the students to make the best of the wonderful learning opportunities offered in the school by going for the best at all times. He shared with them FIVE requirements for securing a good scholarship in very good universities across the world. These include:

A good transcript at the end of secondary school. This means working very hard for excellent performance in every subject in all classes!

Participation in extracurricular activities such as clubs and sports.

A good record of leadership at any level while in secondary school. This should be buttressed by clear achievement and contributions to the school and community.

A good external exam result. This need not be the best but must be really good. The external exam could be regional such as organized by WAEC or national such as organized by NECO. Foreign exams are not necessary to study abroad.

Participating and winning in external competitions.

And finally, a good recommendation from the school. This is where behaviour and character come in.

The boys listened attentively and apparently took to heart all that they were told.

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