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Advisory System

Advisory System

Advisory is the mainstay of a student’s education at Hillrange. It offers guidance, support and encouragement to each student in the individual development of his character and personality. It is a one-on-one meeting, during which a boy and his advisor discuss his current activities and review both accomplishments and opportunities for further improvement. This means of personal growth brings together all the other aspects of education offered in the school with a view to helping the student apply them to his himself and as it were, internalize them. It is carried out in collaboration with parents. 
Consequently, the advisor meets at least once ever term with the parents of his respective advisees to discuss ways of helping him forge ahead in his academics and personal development. The advisor is specially trained to work both with parents and the boys in such a way that he renders this support with the utmost respect, delicacy and professionalism. It is only the context of understanding, confidence and friendship that the advisory system flourishes. Some of the characteristics that Hillrange expects to see in every advisors include:

    • Ability to work very closely with parents; to form friendships with a wide variety of people.
    • Enthusiasm for and commitment to the advisory system.
    • Concern to improve himself as a role-model of virtue.
    • Ability to relate to children and teenagers at their own level of interests and problems.
    • Ability to listen and understand without being obtrusive or meddlesome.
    • A preference to motivate and encourage rather than correct and lecture.
    • Awareness that his words and actions greatly influence the boys.
    • Effort to be a living example of the advice he gives.
    • Prudence to know what to say and when to say it.
    • A cheerful even temperament.
    • Ability to challenge and demand from the boys he advises without the slightest coercion.
    • Patience especially when he has to guide a boy to root out a deep-seated defect such as laziness, disorder, etc.
    • Optimism and the firm belief that all problems have solutions.

ability to act and diligently follow up realistic goals in advisory. This will usually be in the form of one or two very specific points for the boy to take to heart.

  • concern for the Christian development of the boys.

Topics for advisory chats with students include:

  • Application to study
  • Generosity and Service
  • Friendship, relationship with others
  • Laziness and how to fight it
  • Entertainment Issues
  • Use of Time
  • Use of Money
  • Social Life
  • Moral Issues
  • Beliefs and Values

The Spiritual Dimension of Life
An essential key to full personal development lies in having personalised goals. These goals need to be appropriate, easy to remember, specific, achievable and able to be evaluated. And the advisor can help parents:

  • See situations objectively
  • View crises positively
  • Focus on the big issues
  • Plan ahead
  • Talk more with one’s spouse
  • Talk more with one’s daughter/son
  • Reflect on the importance of example
  • Grow in one’s own virtue