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BST I – Basic Science and PHE

BST I – Basic Science and PHE

Basic science and technology (BST) comprise of two (2) major subject components:
1. Basic Science
2. Physical and Health Education (PHE)

The subject covers the following themes:
   I. Basic Science (Environmental Studies, Energy, Science and Development)
   II. Physical and Health Education (Basic Human movement, Sports and Games, Health Education,                          Pathogenic Diseases and Prevention)

In Hillrange secondary school, Basic science and technology is a subject that aims at
      a. stimulating students’ interest in science and technology
      b. relating science and technology to everyday life by referring to appropriate local and worldwide                         examples.
      c. highlighting the nature of science and technology, and some of their important social implications,                  especially in developing countries
     d. providing opportunities for, and encourage, students to think about and use scientific and technological          ideas and processes
     e. enabling students to take advantage of the numerous career opportunities provided by science,                         technology, physical and health education and information technology