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The importance of language cannot be over-emphasised. Language has been described as people’s identity, therefore, any group of people that loses its language has invariably lost its identity.

As the Chinese proverb say, if you want to colonize a man for life, teach him your language.

Few years ago , a report by the United

Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) revealed that the Igbo language might become extinct in the next 50 years primarily due to the fact that most young parents now do not see the need to teach their children how to speak Igbo language. Hillrange School is committed to helping in preserving the Igbo language.

 Apart from the fact that one indigenous language is compulsory according to Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council( NERDC), Hillrange Secondary School is not only following this standard , but seriously committed to ensuring that every student who passes through this school can read, write and communicate fluently in Igbo language.


Igbo language as a subject has three major parts;

  1. ASUSU

ASUSU helps the students to learn how to read, write and interpret in Igbo language.


AGUMAGU deals with the recommended books. It helps the students to gain mastery of variety of words in Igbo language. It deepens the knowledge and usage of Igbo among the students.


OMENAALA. This is primarily concerned with lives and traditions of Igbo people who are the predominant speakers of the language in Nigeria .


Igbo language just like every other language in the world has its own place in the education of the people. It must not be allowed to go into extinction.