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Coordinating Class Parents


These events provide a continuing programme to assist parents in the education of their children and the dynamics of parenting.

Parents’ Forum
Once every term around the mid-term break the parents have an opportunity to meet with the children’s subject teachers individually to discuss their children’s progress in the respective subject areas. At these meetings, the parents receive timely advice and guidance on how to support the child especially in his study at home. 
Parents also use the occasion to share their concerns and offer relevant information regarding their child’s peculiar difficulties in the subject. In addition to academics, students’ attitude in the classroom which could impinge learning are also brought up and discussed with a view to finding lasting solutions.  
However, it is obvious that this does not replace the meetings with advisors but serve to further support and enrich it. It is to the advisor of a child, in collaboration with his, that his individual all round formation is entrusted.
Class Meetings
Once every year, there is a meeting of the parents each class with the teacher in charge of the class. This meeting focuses on matters concerning the class as a group. Such items as the progress of learning activities, discipline in the classroom, students’ care for their belongings, formation of the students, etc., are discussed. It is also an opportunity for parents to bring up matter that are of common interest to the class. However care should be taken to avoid personal references or delving into questions that go beyond the scope and concern of the class. The class parents support the teacher in charge of the class in organizing these meetings and especially ensuring very good attendance.
Family Enrichment Programmes
Hillrange School organized family enrichment programmes for the parents of the students as a means of supporting them in living out their parenting responsibilities. These programmes are facilitated by the National Association for Family Development (NAFAD) which is the Nigerian affiliate of the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD). It has been operating in Nigeria for a number of decades and have recently re-launched their activities in Enugu.