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Prevocational Studies

Prevocational Studies

Pre-vocational studies (PVS) is an integration of Agricultural Science and Home Economics designed for Junior Secondary Schools in Nigeria.

It completely covers the new curriculum developed by Nigerian Education Research and Development Council (NERDC ) for the Nine – Year Basic Education Programme.

Students are prepared for National Examination Council (NECO) which they take when they come up to JS 3. The scheme contains a broad range of Agriculture and Home Economics topics that are designed to engage and stimulate students’ interest in agriculture which is unarguably one of the main stay of Nigeria’s economy.
The scheme emphasizes scientific knowledge, the application of science and the scientific process in agricultural practices. The theoretical contents of this subject is robustly complemented with practical experiences cautiously designed to ensure that the learning makes more impressionable imprints in the mind and souls of the students who are obviously the leaders of tomorrow.

Another aspect of the subject is the Home Economics. As the name implies, it deals with the maintenance, management of our family resources and the creation of other valuable items for our family use.

Pre-vocational studies is discipline involving practical and research oriented skills and consequently , it emphasizes on hands-on experimental work in our well equipped laboratory and farms.

The knowledge of this subject is surely one of the practical means of solving our food security challenge in the country.