+2349038346546 Centenary City, Enugu
+2349038346546 Centenary City, Enugu


Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

To be the leading Family School for boys, being driven by dedicated workers in close partnership with committed parents, to nurture future leaders of impeccable personal integrity, professional excellence and enduring virtues.

Mission Statement

To develop boys, following Christian principles, into knowledgeable, responsible and happy men, who love and defend truth, freedom and fatherland.

Through an approach that

•Offers all-round formation
•Respects the dignity of the human person
•Rtrengthens the role of the family
•Raises the dignity of the education worker


Our Core Values

•Fostering responsible freedom
•Parents as first educators
•Advisory System: mentoring and communication with parents.
•Educating the whole person.
•Promoting and respecting the dignity of every human person.
•Continuous personal formation of parents and staff.
•Professional excellence
•Recognizing the dignity of every human work and labour.
•Strengthening family values
•Cheerful atmosphere, trust and team spirit.
•Promoting excellent learning and working environment.
•Restoring the dignity of the education worker.
•Promoting the culture of continuous maintenance.