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Hillrange is a school which will always positively change a child’s life – morally, academically, spiritually. This prestigious school was founded in 2017 by the IKOTA educational foundation.

Our Motto

The motto of Hillrange Secondary School is Ad Summum. This latin expression which means “To the heights” is an imperative for the students to strive for the very best in every endeavour. The “heights” here means the most sublime, the very excellent that is attainable and its scope embraces all of life: academics, character, work etc.


Hillrange Secondary School is a project of Ikota Educational Foundation (IEF), a not-for-profit trust registered in Nigeria. The foundation aims to promote educational and social projects based on Christian principles and ideas that contribute to the development of society. These projects are open to all, regardless of nationality or creed. The school opened its doors to the first set of students in September 2017.