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French is a language that originated from Vulgar Latin and has evolved to what it is today.
Moreover, due to France’s oversea expansion, many countries today speak French as their official language. They are called Francophone countries.
Nigeria was not left out with this wave of Bilingualism, and in the year 1995 made French its second official language. In addition to this, we study French for the following reasons.

  • To provide our students with the suitable foundation to enable them further study it at higher institution level and/or practical use of the language.
  • To develop a positive attitude towards the learning of the subject.
  • To develop knowledge and equip our students with the mind to assess the wealth of technological development available in many advanced nations where French is spoken as major Language.
  • To indirectly prepare the future generation of Nigerians to be able to be pase-setters in their immediate West African region where over 90% of Nigeria’s neighbors are Francophone. And also, strengthen ties between Nigeria and it’s neighbors